Social Security

Social Security Benefits should be the cornerstone to any retiree’s income planning for their retirement. Not only is it imperative to know how to maximize Social Security Benefits but, it is equally important to understand how those benefits will integrate with a retiree’s other income and assets. With over a few hundred variations for taking benefits, it’s no wonder the majority of Americans are confused and frustrated with the process. Too often consumers rely on second hand advice from a friend or family member, which is the first step to making the wrong decision. This may be the reason for the vast majority of Americans NOT maximizing their own benefits. Everyone’s work history, financial situation and retirement income need is unique which is why everyone needs to seek professional counsel on how to take Social Security Benefits. First Wealth Advisory has been certified by the National Social Security Association, LLC and specializes in helping clients understand the process of taking Social Security Benefits and how best to utilize their benefits in a retirement plan.

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